In the course of my daily routine, I am always conscious of something that exists on the edges of the everyday, present yet difficult to grasp. This mysterious thing, when it reveals itself, has more of an air of truth than reality itself and is difficult for me to ignore. As much as possible, I try to naturally confront this existence. In addition to this, I strive to honestly respond to the light and dark that exists in the form of all living things. Through my art I do not intend for someone to share exactly the same image as myself. Rather, I strive to provoke a sense of this elusive presence in the viewer. For example, this experience could be similar to feeling a small pebble beneath one’s shoe. In this quiet feeling I believe there exists the possibility to change a person to their very core.

  • 1988Born in Chiba
  • 2010Graduated from department of media art, Tokyo Polytechnic University.
  • 2013Began studying URUSHI under Nagatoshi Onishi in Gansen Urushi Studio.
  • 1988千葉生まれ
  • 2010東京工芸大学 芸術学部メディアアート表現学科卒業
  • 2013願船漆工房にて東京芸術大学名誉教授 大西長利氏に師事

exhibition / 展示

  • 2011Design Festa vol.34, Tokyo Big Sight(Tokyo)
  • 2012Design Festa vol.35, Tokyo Big Sight(Tokyo)
  • 2012Art Taipei, Galery Tomura, Taipei(Taiwan)
  • 2013Art Fair Tokyo 2013, Gallery Tomura(Tokyo)
  • 2013Art Taipei, Galery Tomura, Taipei(Taiwan)
  • 2014/06The Joint Exhibition “FRESH OFF THE ROCKET SHIP” (Portland)
  • 2014/06The solo exhibition of Kanako Ozawa / Gallery Tomura(Tokyo)
  • 2015Art Fair Tokyo 2015, Gallery Tomura(Tokyo)
  • 2015/04The solo exhibition of Kanako Ozawa / gallery a cube(Korea)
  • 2015/04BAMA 2015(Busan Art Market Affair) / gallery a cube(Korea)
  • 2015/06ART BUSAN 2015 / gallery a cube(Korea)
  • 2015/10KIAF 2015 / gallery a cube(Korea)
  • 2016/10KIAF 2016 / gallery a cube(Korea)
  • 2017/02Affordable Art Fair Milan 2017 / gallery a cube(Milan)
  • 2017/03Art Fair Tokyo 2017 / Gallery Tomura(Tokyo)
  • 2017/03HARBOUR ART FAIR 2017 / gallery a cube (Hong Kong)
  • 2017/09KIAF 2017 / gallery a cube(Korea)
  • 2011年デザインフェスタvol.34(東京)
  • 2012年デザインフェスタvol.35(東京)
  • 2012年アート慶州 / Gallery Tomura(韓国)
  • 2012年ART TAIPEI 2012 / Gallery Tomura(台湾)
  • 2013年アートフェア東京2013 / Gallery Tomura(東京)
  • 2013年ART TAIPEI 2013 / Gallery Tomura(台湾)
  • 2014年6月グループ展 FRESH OFF THE ROCKET SHIP (ポートランド)
  • 2014年6月個展 “小澤香奈子展” / Gallery Tomura(東京)
  • 2015年アートフェア東京2015 / Gallery Tomura(東京)
  • 2015年4月個展 “Kanako Ozawa solo exhibition” / gallery a cube(韓国)
  • 2015年4月BAMA 2015(Busan Art Market Affair) / gallery a cube(韓国)
  • 2015年6月ART BUSAN 2015 / gallery a cube(韓国)
  • 2015年10月KIAF 2015 / gallery a cube(韓国)
  • 2016年10月KIAF 2016 / gallery a cube(韓国)
  • 2017年2月Affordable Art Fair Milan 2017 / gallery a cube(イタリア/ミラノ)
  • 2017年3月アートフェア東京2017 / Gallery Tomura(東京)
  • 2017年3月HARBOUR ART FAIR 2017 / gallery a cube (香港)
  • 2017年9月KIAF 2017 / gallery a cube(韓国)

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