I realized this is a secret.
But I’m the only one who thinks so.
This is about me and my secrets.

Secrets keep secrets from me.

In the blink of an eye
it suddenly disappears
For some reason I can’t say a word

Even though I’ve lived my whole life learning words.

It usually appears in that way
This secret is more true than reality
Even though it only happens sometimes.

It hides itself like it’s uninterested when I try to explain it.

It’s part of the everyday. It’s a myth. It’s a ritual.
Under the right conditions the secret speaks.
The small secret is always quietly waiting for the right time to reveal itself.

The body responds to it
I notice it when my steps slightly change
When I inhale deeply
Experience an unknown landscape
Remember the temperature of my heart

This is how the secret lives on, appearing at random times but always undeniable.
Both stuck to and separate from my consciousness, even without trying to hold on, even if I think I’ve left it behind, it lives on.

This isn’t a secret that will hurt someone.
There’s no way to explain it
It’s a small spirit that allows me to feel my own sense.

I think everyone has their own little secret.

When I try to give that secret a shape,
Will I get punished?
Or it will do nothing?

I’m driven by this secret and continue to paint.
This is where I am now.


Mr. Takaomi Kuze gave me consideration about the art works. I would like many people to read it.
Consideration by Takaomi Kuze


biography / 略歴

  • 1988 Born in Chiba
  • 2010 Graduated from department of media art, Tokyo Polytechnic University.
  • 2013 Began studying URUSHI under Nagatoshi Onishi in Gansen Urushi Studio.
  • 1988 千葉生まれ
  • 2010 東京工芸大学 芸術学部メディアアート表現学科卒業
  • 2013 願船漆工房にて東京芸術大学名誉教授 大西長利氏に師事

exhibition / 展示

  • 2011  Design Festa vol.34, Tokyo Big Sight(Tokyo)
  • 2012  Design Festa vol.35, Tokyo Big Sight(Tokyo)
  • 2012  Art Taipei, Galery Tomura, Taipei(Taiwan)
  • 2013  Art Fair Tokyo 2013, Gallery Tomura(Tokyo)
  • 2013  Art Taipei, Galery Tomura, Taipei(Taiwan)
  • 2014/06  The Joint Exhibition “FRESH OFF THE ROCKET SHIP” (Portland)
  • 2014/06  The solo exhibition of Kanako Ozawa / Gallery Tomura(Tokyo)
  • 2015  Art Fair Tokyo 2015, Gallery Tomura(Tokyo)
  • 2015/04  The solo exhibition of Kanako Ozawa / gallery a cube(Korea)
  • 2015/04  BAMA 2015(Busan Art Market Affair) / gallery a cube(Korea)
  • 2015/06  ART BUSAN 2015 / gallery a cube(Korea)
  • 2015/10  KIAF 2015 / gallery a cube(Korea)
  • 2016/10  KIAF 2016 / gallery a cube(Korea)
  • 2017/02  Affordable Art Fair Milan 2017 / gallery a cube(Milan)
  • 2017/03  Art Fair Tokyo 2017 / Gallery Tomura(Tokyo)
  • 2017/03  HARBOUR ART FAIR 2017 / gallery a cube (Hong Kong)
  • 2017/09  KIAF 2017 / gallery a cube(Korea)
  • 2018/10  KIAF 2018 / gallery a cube(Korea)
  • 2018/10  “Kanako Ozawa solo exhibition” / gallery a cube(Korea)
  • 2018/11  “Kanako Ozawa solo exhibition” / i art gallery(Hsinchu/Taiwan)
  • 2018/11  Daegu Art fair Special Project / (Daegu/Korea)
  • 2019/03  Art Fair Tokyo2019 / (Tokyo)
  • 2021/03  Art Fair Tokyo2021 / (Tokyo)
  • 2011年デザインフェスタvol.34(東京)
  • 2012年デザインフェスタvol.35(東京)
  • 2012年アート慶州 / Gallery Tomura(韓国)
  • 2012年ART TAIPEI 2012 / Gallery Tomura(台湾)
  • 2013年アートフェア東京2013 / Gallery Tomura(東京)
  • 2013年ART TAIPEI 2013 / Gallery Tomura(台湾)
  • 2014年6月グループ展 FRESH OFF THE ROCKET SHIP (ポートランド)
  • 2014年6月個展 “小澤香奈子展” / Gallery Tomura(東京)
  • 2015年アートフェア東京2015 / Gallery Tomura(東京)
  • 2015年4月個展 “Kanako Ozawa solo exhibition” / gallery a cube(韓国)
  • 2015年4月BAMA 2015(Busan Art Market Affair) / gallery a cube(韓国)
  • 2015年6月ART BUSAN 2015 / gallery a cube(韓国)
  • 2015年10月KIAF 2015 / gallery a cube(韓国)
  • 2016年10月KIAF 2016 / gallery a cube(韓国)
  • 2017年2月Affordable Art Fair Milan 2017 / gallery a cube(イタリア/ミラノ)
  • 2017年3月アートフェア東京2017 / Gallery Tomura(東京)
  • 2017年3月HARBOUR ART FAIR 2017 / gallery a cube (香港)
  • 2017年9月KIAF 2017 / gallery a cube(韓国)
  • 2018年10月KIAF 2018 / gallery a cube(韓国)
  • 2018年10月 個展 “Kanako Ozawa solo exhibition” / gallery a cube(韓国)
  • 2018年11月 個展 “Kanako Ozawa solo exhibition” / i art gallery(新竹/台湾)
  • 2018年11月 Daegu Art fair Special Project / (Daegu/韓国)
  • 2019年3月 アートフェア東京2019 / (東京)
  • 2021年3月 アートフェア東京2021 / (東京)

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